Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

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Dimensions: 55 x 81 x 30 cm (L x H x D), in elegant white and rustic style, gives a pleasant and rustic charm. Easily matches with other furniture and fits almost any room, such as bathroom, hallway, living room, bedroom, etc. All boards are lacquered on both sides, the colour is smooth and uniform. The coated drawers provide plenty of space for different items, so everything can be tidy. In addition, for all drawers we also offer plastic boards, which can be attached to the crossbar so that the drawers will not fall off when you pull out. The chest of drawers has a stable position, can be securely attached to the wall with the included anti-tilt protection to prevent accidents. There is a shelf in the section of the cabinet with door, so the space is used optimally. The shelf is adjustable in three heights and corresponds to the height requirements of different objects. Instructions are simple and understandable. Extra screw is included for all screws. So if you have few things with you, you will still have enough. And the parts are classified by letters to avoid confusion. The installation is therefore very simple.

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